Dunamis funs in a humanitarian drive to support the people of Kimi island which was razed in fire

Residents of Kimi on Koome Island are homeless in a fire which razed the island. The cause of the fire is not yet established but some people suspect fish smoking which is said to have been carried out indoors. The district chairperson, Mr. Andrew Ssenyonga said that some residents attributes the fire to the fish smoking activity. he said that due to the ongoing operation against illegal fishing by the army, fishermen resorted to smoking fish in their houses.

Houses on the island were constructed by timber and polythene plastics which made the fire to easily spread.

Dunamis radio in an emergency response to the people of Kimi is now receiving support in form of clothes, food, and medicine to be taken to the people of who lost their property in a fire.

Different collection points have been established where humanitarian support will be collected before it is taken to the island.

The station manager, Pr. Godfrey Kitondekiggya called upon all people especially the listeners of Dunamis Radio to support the cause

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