Dunamis listeners to me on 21st January

In efforts to own their radio, the listeners of Dunamis Radio have decided to meet on 21st this month to adopt an annual plan which they will be following in promoting their interests over the radio.

The General Manager, Pr. Kitondekigya Godfrey revealed in a staff meeting held last evening that the radio is adopting listeners interests this year as a way of improving service delivery.

Among the benefits of the listeners of Dunamis radio include 1 radio hours dedicated to listeners to promote their interests. This according to Pr. Kitondekigya also includes discounted radio ads to members who have businesses. He also said that our listeners will also get free radio announcements to announce the death of their loved ones.

The listeners radio coordinator, Salongo Steve Omunene revealed that on Saturday 21st listeners will also be discussing how to elect their interim committee.

The Programs Director, Mr. Basta Senyonga promised quality programming. He announced the new trend of programming which included the introduction of other radio shows. These includes the introduction of an economic empowerment show which will be airing every Wednesday from 10pm to mid night. The radio has also included a child development program which will air every Sunday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm.

Other changes, according to Mr. Senyonga includes an initiative to promote performing arts and giving back to the community.

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